Bee Tools Kit

Bee Tools Kit
Brand: The Happy Beekeeper
Product Code: HB-BEETOOLS-001
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Price: £14.99

Bee Tools Kit

The perfect bee tools starter kit. This kit contains:

  • Bee Brush
  • Traditional Hive Tool
  • Bee Hive J Tools

Bee Brush

Soft bristle bee brush with long wooden handle. Perfect for clearing stragglers from comb and hive parts. The single row of 40mm soft bylon bristles makes this a useful tool to clear the few remaining bees when harvesting. NOT recomended for clearing entire combs use a clearing board and bee escapes.

Traditional Hive Tool

This is the traditional hive tool in stainless steel. The stainless steel tool has sharpened ends and is ideal for prying open hives and scraping top bars clean. Classic functional design at a very reasonable price. This high quality stainless steel tool will provide years of faithful service and will not rust like some other similar priced tools.

Bee Hive J Tool

The classic hive tool in stainless steel. Use as a hive tool and frame lifter, he tool has a hooked end for easy frame lifting / levering and sharpened ends for prying hives open and scraping away propolis. A must have tool for any beekeeper.

This bee tools kit offers fantasic value. Quality affordable beekeeping equipment from The Happy Beekeeper

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